Friday, 12 February 2010

Sean's Postcard: I wish you were here


I am wishing you well in Spain. Is it near the beach? Got any habits like sun bathing? I'm in Padiham it's been snowing all the way through the past week, I wish I was sun bathing with you if you are near the beach. I haven't visited yet, hopefully by the end of the year I would have won enough by gambling on roulette which I always go on this game with a few pounds. Are you in a bungalow or in a chalet? Do you have a garden with palm trees growing plants? Kids okay? I haven't seen them yet do they play badminton on the beach or do they like the speedo banana boat?

Wish you were here or I was there with you!

Lots of love

Sean Holt


If I had 3 wishes..... by Billi

I wish i would become a nurse without having to go to university and have the knowledge without doing anything...

I wish i would pass my driving without having to take lessons or doing any tests

And my final wish would be for eternal happiness with no worries

If these wishes were granted i wouldn't have anything to worry about and i would be happy. Nothing bad would happen if these wishes were granted bacause it is what i want.

Emma's Poem: My Wishes

W is for... A Wild Adventure with Anne.
H is for... Have tea with Anne.
I is for... Ice-skating with Anne.
S is for... shopping with Anne for new clothes.
H is for... have a chat and a brew with Anne.
E is for an Evening walk with Anne.
S is for Swimming with dolphins, in Spain, on my own!

Emma's Postcard: I wish you were here...

Dear Anne

I am in Spain and it is really hot - not like Burnley! I am in the pool and it is big and there is a massive waterslide and I am lying in the sun and I am eating Spanish food and dancing with Spanish men, witn Ronaldo sitting next to me having a chat. I went shopping with my boyfriend's mum, getting to know her better.

Love from Emma

P.S Enclosed with this postcard is a ticket, free, to come to Spain. Wish you were here, see you soon, Bye, Emma.

If i had 3 wishes

my first wish would be to win tonight's euro millions jackpot of 113m. the first thing i would buy would be lots of fast cars i would need somewhere to put them and drive them so i would buy a big estate and have race tracks built and rally tracks built i would also employ a team of mechanics. With all that money i would share it fairly with my friends and family i would go on holidays alot and go to every f1 and world rally races,however all this money would bring bad news as i would be partying getting high and taking lots of drugs which would get me into trouble with the law

my second wish would be for eternal life although i would have the choice of dieing i would be able to see the world evolve and adapt to the modern world however the more i think about this gift the more i think i would regret wishing for it as i would have to see my friends and family grow old and die even my own kids and gran kids so a better wish would be to time travel that way the possibilities would be endless as i could witness anything i wanted i could stop disasters such as 911 and 7/7 terrorist attacks and also give warning to natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

my third and wish would be to have the ability to fly that way i could go anywhere i wanted when i wanted as i have i have eternal life i could go and see places the human eye has never seen

I if I had three wishes...

I'd wish for a luckey scratch card winnings for a thousand pounds,most I've won is seven pounds at somerfields once. second wish to win on a lottery tickets which I have never done. third wish would be win on on either scratch card or on a lottery ticket and buy a puppy bullmastiff and I would get its beddings and some toys for the dog, rather get a dog than a bitch and take it for walks down gawthorpe hall.I've already got a dog a jack russel and if my third wish was granted I would get it training with my first dog,and the jack russel would train the over dog.

Sean holt.

I wish I'd never....

Me and my dogs wishing not to go away from home with the dog wardenback to the kennel. only got one dog now a jack russel got rid of the bullmastiff because we got a new sofa. there was know room in the house so we gave it away with the lead and colar that costs us money thats my regret,it wasnt me who gave the bullmastiff to the dog warden it was my mums choice.

Sean holt